Study programme at KHM

The Academy of Media Arts Cologne (KHM) was opened in 1990. It offers an educational concept, that brings together fields of teaching of of film, art and theory in one degree course: "Media and Fine Art" (I in 9 semesters / II in 4 semesters). As such the KHM is an art school with a focus on media, and a film school with a focus on art.

( I ) A three-semester fondation imparts the basics of theory and artistic practise. A six-semester main course concentrates on individual specialisations in artistic disciplines based in the spheres of film and art.

(II) The KHM offers direct access to the fifth semester to students with a degree from another art school or university or with the relevant practical experience. This foursemester course also leads to the award of an Academy of Media Arts Cologne diploma and is postgraduate in character. Specializing in disciplines ranges from, for example photography, feature film, documentary and experimental film, animation, video and light art, design, sound, scenography, experimental informatics, sculpture, art in public space and architecture to theory, aesthetics and the history of machines, the arts and the media.

The major study areas are organised in fields, and during their studies students can individually select their areas of interest and interdisciplinary combinations as desired. Student work is project-orientated and takes place in workshops, studios and labs, accompanied by lectures and seminars that convey the historical and theoretical basics of media arts.

The Academy of Media Arts Cologne diploma is comparable to a MFA (Master of Fine Arts ) degree.

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