Lenka Šikulová

L.A. Calling, 2013

documentary, 19 Min.

Nabil and Bastian met each other when sailing on Pulheim lake and immediately became friends. That was two years ago. Now they must part: Nabil is going to L.A. The moment of farewell is getting ever closer …

1. Projekt

Supervision: Prof. Dr. Sabine Rollberg, Solveig Klaßen, Petra Clemens

Lenka Šikulová

Born 1978 in Svitavy. Studiengang Diplom II (Film) at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne from 2009 until 2013. Diploma in Ky Area Film .

Other works of Rundgang 2013:

  • Friday, 27 July, 5.59 pm